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In Helsinki Zoo you meet animals all the way from the arctic tundra to the tropical rainforest. Approximately 200 different animal species reside in the Zoo, and there are almost a 1000 different plant species. The tropical diversity opens up in Amazonia and Africasia: parrots, snakes, lizards, small monkeys, spiders, insects, frogs and turtles. Borealia introduces the Northern Coniferous Forest; waders and ducks feel at home by the streamside. Arctic rarities - Polar fox, European forest reindeer, Snowy owl and Musk ox - can all be found outside throughout summers and winters.
Protecting endangered species is a heartfelt matter for the Zoo. To give an example, the Zoos in Europe form a network which works hard to preserve a number of species. Zoos are the last refuge for many species. The rhino sign will take you to the animals that belong to the Zoos' shared protection programme.

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