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Welcome to Hell's Kitchen, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. In the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, appropriately located in a beautiful underground space, you'll discover Hell's Kitchen, a chef-owned Restaurant known for its damn good food. Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks 7 days a week, and enjoy real food...described by food writers as "unique but not fancy; interesting but not fussy". Almost everything is made from scratch, from our award-winning peanut butter to even homemade ketchup... winning us over 67 "best" awards in the 7 years we've been open.
To say it's hotter than hell in the kitchen is an understatement of immense proportions. Think about it: owners Mitch Omer and Steve Meyer are laboring over simmering pots, fire-breathing roasters, juggling a thousand details while phones are ringing and waiters are screaming and a cook calls in late and the crowd's out in the dining room clamoring for their meals.

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80 South 9th St., Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
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Not Fancy
Real Food
Made From Scratch
Peanut Butter
Take Out

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