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Hard Rock Cafe Malta in St. Julians, San Giljan, Malta | Restaurant

For eons the tiny island of Malta has had Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Aghlabid Arabians, Normans, Ottomans, Castillians, and a little guy named Napoleon try to lay claim to its rich sea setting and ancient structures. But the citizens of Malta, independent since 1964, are more amiable to visitors than conquerors.

So leave the armada at home and come experience one of the island nation's latest historical landmarks, the Hard Rock Cafe Malta. Located in the Bay Street Hotel complex in the fashionable St. Julians district, you'll discover some of the most mouth-watering meals ever to be served in the middle of the Mediterranean. Our pleasant ambiance and soothing music will appease even the most vigilant of vanquishers. And while the country has artifacts existing from the Neolithic, Copper and Bronze Ages, we give you a wide variety of music memorabilia from the recent Rock Age to seek out and examine. So the next time you're sailing south of Sicily or navigating north of Africa, be sure to set your course for the

Hard Rock Cafe Malta
, St. Julians.

When in Malta, have your first (and last) hard rockin' experience at the Hard Rock Airport Bar! Offering a vast array of cocktails and freshly prepared juices, the Hard Rock Airport Bar, open 24/7, also offers freshly made sandwiches and salads to be enjoyed in a unique atmosphere or tucked away for that long flight home. And if visiting Valletta, stop in and experience the Hard Rock Malta Bar, located at the Grand Harbour Cruise Terminal. From rock-star inspired drinks, favorites from Hard Rock Cafes world famous menu, the best in music and authentic rock star memorabilia, the Hard Rock Malta Bar is "the place" to be.

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Level 2, Bay Street Hotel Complex,St George
St. Julians
St. Julian's
+356 237-22253/7
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