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Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow, Moskva River, Russia | Cafe Bar

The Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia, was opened on the 17th of September 2003. The 116th Hard Rock Cafe in the world and the second biggest restaurant in Europe, Hard Rock Cafe took on a life of its own, a spot in the heart of the city on the Old Arbat in Moscow,Central Federal District.
The Old Arbat is one of the most picturesque and historical areas of Moscow, Central Federal District. Well-known to both visitors and residents alike, the Hard Rock Cafe is located in a four-story building with 2100 square meters of space, enough to fit more than 500 visitors in our three bars and retail store. The interior and the atmosphere of the cafe will help you feel the true spirit of Rock-n-Roll. With a wide assortment of delicious food and drinks, availability of genuine Hard Rock merchandise, and the live performances by groups from around the world, Hard Rock Cafe is the perfect place to go for your entertainment and dining pleasure.
Stop in to see new items from our collection of famous Russian musicians who play on our stage.

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Stary Arbat, 44
Central Federal District
+7 (495) 2448973
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Cafe Bar
Picturesque And Historical
Feel The True Spirit Of Rock-n-Roll
Wide Assortment Of Delicious Food And Drinks
Great Nosh
Great Service
Great Atmosphere

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