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Hand and Spirit in Morehead City, North Carolina, say life is good... Massage makes it better, and they offer wellness oriented therapeutic Massages to strengthen your inner core, encourage a sense of well-being and healing, and soothe your senses. There are so many benefits of Massage including pain and tension relief, increased circulation, improved skin tone, relaxation, alleviation of muscle, joint pain and swelling, promotes healthy sleep and reduces stress and anxiety, as well as strengthens the immune system and improves energy and alertness. Your North Carolina Licensed Massage Therapist also has an art studio, and creates garden guardians and indoor sculptures, plus teaches aromatherapy, herbal medicine and energy medicine at Carteret Community College. Hand and Spirit offers special package deals, has gift certificates and products including high quality essential oils from Oil Lady Aromatherapy products. They promote whole body, mind and spirit healing and individualised treatments may include aromatherapy, bio-mat state of the art technology, sound vibration through singing bowls, therapeutic Massage, reiki energy work and Shamanic guided meditation, come discover a new healed you.

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1104 Arendell St,
Morehead City
North Carolina
United States
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