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The Gurkha Museum at Winchester, England in the United Kingdom, tells the moving and unique story of Gurkha service to the British Crown and its people for nearly 200 years. Gurkha graves are spread across the face of the earth in nearly every country in which Britain has fought, silent testament to Gurkha loyalty and courage.
Enter The Gurkha Museum and learn about Nepal, the land of the Gurkhas. Absorb Nepalese cultural diversity, religious beliefs, dress and customs.
At The Gurkha Museum in Winchester, England, you will find a fitting tribute to the bravest of the brave most generous of the generous.
The story of the service of Gurkhas begins in 1815 with the end of the Nepal Wars between the British East India Company and the warlike Nepalese. You will be able to learn about the unique Treaty between The Honerable East India Company and Nepal where Nepalese citizens were able to serve in the Armies of ?John Company? in India, the legacy survives to this day.
The Gurkha Museum in partnership with Winchester, England?s Military Museums is committed to making its collection as accessible as possible and to co-ordinate its activities with Winchester Military Museums in order to fulfill the lifelong, wide-ranging, learning needs of the public.

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