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Welcome to The Greenhouse Restaurant, Philipsburg, St. Maartens. Marion, Dan, Conan, Nat, and Carloes invite you to The Greenhouse Restaurant, the greatest bar with the happiest hour in Philipsburg and on the entire island. Our happy hour is so happy, we have extended it to 150 minutes! Einstein actually developed his theory of relativity while enjoying a two-for-one drink during our extended happy hour. Alas, Newton's gravitational theories are flawed because he never came to St Maarten and experienced sand gravity. Had he done so, he would have noticed that it is twice as hard to get up after lying in the sand on a warm, sunny beach. The difficulty increases by another factor of two if cold beer is involved. We are currently seeking volunteers to study the effects of rum drinks and frozen smoothies on this revised gravitational theory.

Our menu features steak, ribs, lobsters, and the freshest fish in the Caribbean. We've got you covered from lunch through happy hour appetizers and on into a great dinner. Better yet (for you), our special events and happy hour prices are so good that Conan was afraid that we would have to pay you to enjoy our fine food and drinks. Our alert legal department (the guy at the far end of the bar with the tie and briefcase) assures us that you will actually have to pay us something, but not much.

The Greenhouse Restaurant are located in Bobby's Marina at the head of town with a glorious view across Great Bay to the hills in the distance. We have regular events, such as lobster night and Margarita Monday, and throw a party whenever we can. Halloween is always a lot of fun and while the Travel Talk Online group doesn't look quite as goofy, they have just as much fun! parking couldn't be easier as Bobby's Marina has just added a 200 car lot behind The Greenhouse Restaurant!

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Located in Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg, St Maarten
Sint Maarten
Netherlands Antilles
011-599 542-2941
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