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Established in 1986 and one of the leading privately owned homecare agencies in England and Wales, Greenbanks Homecare in Winchester, in the United Kingdom, provides care and support to people in their own home, from as little as 15 minutes to 24 hours a day.
The mission statement of Greenbanks Homecare is to provide a professional high quality service to our service users. Fulfilling all aspects of the provision of care to the highest standard, to improve quality of life.
We aim to provide the best care and social rehabilitation service with the ability to respond to the individual needs, wishes and choice and to act appropriately.
The provision of appropriate training to our staff at all levels, to give them the opportunity to achieve success by improving their skills and knowledge and so gaining fulfillment at work by carrying out their service objectives to a high standard.
At Greenbanks Homecare in Winchester, England, our prime role as an organisation is providing care in the home, or domiciliary care. A full range of support and services are available specifically developed to help people cope with a disability or illness and remain independent for as long as possible.
Our experience in care has enabled us to fully understand the needs of our clients by treating them as individuals. A unique care plan is created after a thorough consultation with the client, family and GP in order to fully understand our clients needs and requirements.
Companionship and a little support is all that many of our service users require. Many tasks that are taken for granted can sometimes be problematic for certain individuals. We endeavour to support our clients in any we can in order for them to achieve their day-to-day goals with dignity.
One of our fully trained carers will assist with your personal care needs:
Getting up in the morning, going to bed at night, washing, showering and bathing, personal hygiene, shaving, catheter and colostomy care.

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