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Welcome to Great Orme Mines in Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom.
Great Orme Mines were uncovered in 1987 during a scheme to landscape an area of the the Great Orme. The copper Mines discovered below the ground represent one of the most astounding archaeological discoveries of recent time. Dating back 4,000 years to the Bronze Age they change our views about the ancient people of Britain and their civilized and structured society 2,000 years before the Roman invasion.
Over the past 21 years mining engineers, cavers and archaeologists have been slowly uncovering more tunnels and large areas of the surface landscape at Great Orme Mines to reveal what is now thought to be the largest Prehistoric Mine, so far discovered in the World.
A visit to Great Orme Mines in Gwynedd, Wales, is both an enjoyable and educational experience which can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. Walking through tunnels Mined out over 3,500 years ago gives visitors a feel for the harsh conditions our prehistoric ancestors faced in their search for copper.
The highlight of the tour is the amazing Bronze Age Cavern, dug out over 3,500 years ago by Miners using nothing more than stone and bone tools.
The excavation at Great Orme Mines in Gwynedd, Wales, is still in its infancy with new areas being unearthed every year.

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