Gorilla Park

Gorilla Park in Saint Petersburg, Northwestern economic region, Russia | Amusement Park | Cafe | Adventure Park

Gorilla Park in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is an amazing indoor Amusement Park where the fun and laughter just never stops from the moment you step inside till, happily exhausted, you leave. Our amusement part brings together adventure, sports, recreation and above all, fun, under one roof, and with so many activites, obstacle courses, climbing walls, trampolines and more, there is something for all ages to enjoy. Slot machines feature air hockey, table football, air basketball and with tables conveniently arranged, it ideal entertainment for friendly tournaments. And when fun has been had and games have been played, the Cafe at Gorilla Park is where you can relax and enjoy a juicy hamburger, fresh salads, desserts and welcome soft drinks.

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14 Dolgoozernaya Street
Saint Petersburg
Northwestern economic region
+7 812 677-72-05
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Active Games
Friendly Staff
Professional Coaches
Affordable Meals
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