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George Flanet, self-educated artist-painter, was born on May 1, 1937 in Saint-Clair on Epte, small village of Yvelines. At the 52 years of age, he discovers the Riviera, more particularly Saint-Tropez and the neighbouring villages. It is the thunderbolt! As Colette in a text underlines it that he wrote for the Tourist office: "No road crosses Saint-Tropez. Only one carries out to it and does not go further. If you want to set out again, it is necessary to turn back. But will you want to set out again?" For George Flanet, the answer is simple. Why leave this dream? Sea, solid mass of the Moors, vines, seasons, poppies and other lilacs, ball, card players, these bunches of flowers painted in its workshop surrounded of greenery. Working, sometimes with frenzy, it is affirmed; its painting evolves/moves unceasingly, becomes animated, thousand fabrics, two thousand fabrics are dispersed in the whole world! It is the growing success of a passion lived on the sharp one, of a a little insane dream at the time where we live. Sulfurous Colette finishes as follows: "Here, thin out the leaves of themselves of old concern. Here reign a blue color which, elsewhere, is that of the dream, but which, on the shore of Provence, bathes all realities. One cannot better say art of George Flanet.

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