Ganei Daliyah, Haifa

Ganei Daliyah, Haifa in Haifa, Haifa Bay, Israel | Restaurant

Ganei Daliyah, Haifa - This place has a pleasant garden filled with the sound of its fountain, a covered dining terrace, and a colorful proprietor, Mr. Toufik Halaby. Standard Middle Eastern dishes are a cut above normal, and there are a few well-prepared unusual offerings. The pigeon stuffed with onion, pine nuts, and sumac, grilled on an open fire, is earthy and excellent, as is the homemade Druze bread, and the oven-baked sweetbreads. This is a good choice for a leisurely roadside repast. If you come late at night and have had too much arak, Mr. Halaby rents rooms in a simple hotel above the Restaurant. Arabic and Hebrew are spoken. Coming from Haifa, look for the Restaurant with its front garden and sign on the right as you leave Isfiya, and before you enter Daliat-el-Carmel.

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