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The Fulcrum Guy rebuilds and restores Duraflex Diving board fulcrums to original condition in their repair shop in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States.

If your facility is like most I?ve seen, very little, if any, Maintenance has been done to preserve the safe operating condition of your costly investment in Diving board equipment. The mission of The Fulcrum Guy is to make certain that all divers and coaches-from beginner level to elite athletes-have superior facilities and equipment available to ensure a safe, enjoyable and productive training or recreational Diving experience.

The Fulcrum Guy?s Maintenance services can extend the life of the board, fulcrum and stand well beyond the natural expected life of the equipment.

Our Duraflex Fulcrum & Hinge Restoration includes the following as recommended by the manufacturer:
? Disassemble existing Duraflex fulcrum.
? Remove excess grease and degrease slide tracks.
? Rebuild fulcrum assembly, replacing all 23 parts.
? Grease and lubricate fulcrum assembly.
? Disassemble both hinges and rebuild, replacing all 14 parts.
? Oil hinge assembly and align board on stand.
? Provide instruction on proper care and Maintenance schedule to keep equipment operating
to competition standards.
? Provide free phone support and offsite troubleshooting after all service work.

Additional Services Available at The Fulcrum Guy in Cherry Hill, New Jersey:
? Vinyl Channel replacement
? Hinge Replacement

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