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Welcome to the Frugals in Port Angeles, Washington.   A Frugal Burger is truly "The Best Burger (a little) money can buy"!

Inside the kitchen of Frugals double drive-in, seven-plus employees work elbow to elbow, flipping burgers, cooking fries and pulling milkshakes.

The lively banter of the employees rises above the sound of the burgers sizzling. Outside the pickup window, a customer grabs their bag of ¼ lb. burgers and moves on.

Behind them is a long double line of cars with hungry  Frugal customers waiting their turn.

Peter B. Stewart and Sheila G. Stewart are sole owners of the companies. They both play key roles in the decision making process and in the on-going expansion and financing of new units. Sheila has over 30 years experience in the restaurant industry; Peter has extensive experience in operations, sales and investments. The Stewarts have been involved in owning and operating eight restaurants.

Extensive research was completed before the first Frugals was built. Traffic patterns, demographics, menu items, and building layouts were all analyzed. A surprising discovery was that a high percentage of the customers purchased food at the drive-up window. With the knowledge gained, Frugals was born! The concept of a double drive-through, which would allow for faster service and lower over-head costs, was developed. The result has been a great, old-fashioned burger at a "frugal" price.

Frugals,operates from a small, attractive, retro, stainless steel building with service windows on both sides. There is no inside seating. The first unit was opened in Port Angeles, Washington, in June 1988, and was immediately popular. It was followed in September 1990, by a second unit in Tacoma, Washington; again popularity and profitability were instantly apparent.   Experiencing success, the Stewarts considered franchising their concept. The franchise process began in 2003, and final approval was granted early in 2004.

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1520 E. Front St.
Port Angeles
United States
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