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Floro Hotel is situated 500 meters west of Floro stadium and the high school, and offers accommodation at reasonable prices to visitors to the Sogn og Fjordane region of Norway.

Look for the sign Åsgården a short while after passing the high school, and then turn left on a short gravelled road. Only 5-10 minutes walk to the centre of Floro, Sogn og Fjordane.

Floro Hotel has 49 rooms with Hotel standard, including cable TV. The Hotel also offers rooms for long term rental.

From the Floro Hotel it is a short walk to the nature park ?Storåsen?, where you can enjoy the view of small islands among our skerries - and have a picnic. It is also easy to go fishing. You can find more information about tourism and activities in Floro on Tourism and activities in Floro and Sogn og Fjordane.

If you are looking for Hotels at competitive prices visit Floro in the Sogn og Fjordane region of Norway. A price friendly B&B Hotel in Floro!

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Havrenesvegen 32
Sogn og Fjordane
+47 57 74 51 00
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49 Rooms
Standard Facilities
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Nature Park