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We are a major provider of Fleet Management services, which allows our customers to pay a fixed fee for expert guidance and an administration-free service.

Our economies of scale allow us to continually update our services, improve our operating efficiency and reduce costs for our customers. Organisations accessing these facilities benefit from the expert cost control, buying and direct driver dialogue programmes we offer.

Our Fleet Management solution offers:

* direct driver liaison
* monitoring of fleet running costs and provision of analytical data
* alerts to exceptional events as and when they happen
* vehicle maintenance costs are driven down through our approved, national network of providers, where our qualified engineers authorise work, check quality and vet every cost
* we can provide whole life cost analysis to ensure your organisation gains maximum value from your fleet policy
* Accident Management Services deal with administration, control repair costs and provide risk management/cost reduction advice
* warranty and post-warranty claims can be made on behalf of customers
* vehicle disposals are handled by experts ? we even have our own retail sales operation

Retaining ownership of your vehicles carries certain risks due to unpredictable running costs and uncertain residual values ? the amount you can sell the vehicle for when you have finished with it. By choosing a Fleet Management partner you can remove some of the uncertainties, freeing you to concentrate on your core activities and enhancing your business processes.

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