Flanagan's Pub and Grill

Flanagan's Pub and Grill in Schroon Lake, Essex, United Kingdom | Restaurant | American Cuisine

Flanagan's Pub and Grill in Schroon Lake, New York is a local bar and Restaurant perfect for casual family dining, and they are open for lunch and dinner with a kids menu, here you enjoy great food at good value. There's a full bar with a great selection of draft beers, and menu items include great Traditional American Cuisine delights, barbecue meals, burgers, Irish meals, Italian cuisine, exquisite pizza, sandwiches, seafood and more, here there is something for everyone. Come enjoy a fantastic dining and drinking experience and make some new friends.

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1067 US Route 9 Main Street
Schroon Lake
United Kingdom
+1 518-532-9096
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American Cuisine
Barbecue Meals
Irish Meals
Italian Meals
Exquisite Pizza