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Welcome to Fillmore's Lombardy of Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia. Fillmore's Lombardy is a spacious Mediterranean style Villa overlooking Smith Bay. Two separate self contained suites accommodate up to two couples in luxurious comfort. The house is north facing to take advantage of the winter sun, and thick limestone walls insulate against the summer sun, making it an ideal place to stay at any time of the year. All rooms take advantage of the northerly aspect, with the warm glow of sunrises and sunsets illuminating the interiors. Uninterrupted views over Smith Bay to Investigator Strait remind you of your presence on our island.
The 1.5 acres of native and exotic gardens and surrounds attract a wide variety of birds all year round, the superb blue wren, scarlet robin, honeyeaters, wattlebirds, thrushes, kites, kestrels, wild turkeys, gold finches, grey currawongs, kookaburras and many more. At night you will hear the curlews' eerie call, maybe spotlight a possum, go for a walk and see Kangaroos and Wallabies in their native habitat. As we are in such a pristine area away from city lights the night sky is spectacular, Peter can help you identify the Southern Cross.
Our beautiful courtyard has a large water feature and is surrounded by high walls. Virginia creeper, wisteria and jasmine climb the walls of the house, creating beautiful scents, a wonderful place for al fresco dining or breakfast in the summer.
Both suites have access to outside, the downstairs opens directly onto the deep veranda with magnificent sea views, while the suite upstairs has french doors opening onto a private balcony and 360 views.
We look forward to welcoming you to Fillmore's Lombardy, Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia.

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