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Fellini Ristorante & Bar in Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic | Italian Cuisine

Fellini Ristorante & Bar, Santo Domingo - Considered one of the best choices for Italian and International cuisine, this restaurant is named after the great filmmaker Federico Fellini, as is evident by the charming display of movie posters that chronicle the director's cinematic masterpieces.

With 21 years of gastronomical experience under the belt, the chef/owner offers exquisite specialties in pasta and seafood, as well as more than 300 wines from nearly everywhere in the world. A cozy terrace allows guests the option to enjoy these fine dishes in the fresh air.
Enjoy the fresh, clean tastes of Santo Domingo. At Fellini Ristorante & Bar flavour comes first, promising you an unparalleled dining experience.
Our menu showcases the freshest ingredients and our staff is eager to provide you with exceptional and friendly service.

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Calle Roberto Pastoriza No. 504, Evaristo Morales
Santo Domingo
Distrito Nacional
Dominican Republic
+1 809 540 5330
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Italian Cuisine

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