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Falmouth Bay Seafood Cafe in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom | Cafe | Seafood

Falmouth Bay Seafood Cafe in Truro, Cornwall, England offers an award winning dining experience in your favourite Seafood restaurant support only sustainable fisherman using low impact fishing methods that preserve the environment. The menu is ever changing and meals are made to order, enjoy local rock oysters, plates for nibbles and sharing, mouthwatering starters and mains including crab and lobster risotto, fish platters, Seafood platters, exquisite desserts and more. End your delicious, adventurous dining journey at Falmouth Bay Seafood Cafe with a selection of Cornish cheeses, artisan biscuits, grapes and fig chutney, the fantastic team awaits you, they also host live music events, check out the website for dates.

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Castle Villa, 53 Castle Street,
United Kingdom
01872 278884
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Award Winning
Rock Oysters
Fish Platters
Seafood Platters
Live Music
Sharing Plates

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