El Gaucho Argentine Steak House

El Gaucho Argentine Steak House in Haifa, Haifa Bay, Israel | Restaurant

El Gaucho Argentine Steak House Haifa, this is a kosher dining choice for those looking for a hefty meal. The Gaucho chain specializes in Argentinean-style grilled meat, cooked over the coals behind the many cuts of fresh meat on display for all to see. The decor here is ranch-style, and many of the chefs are from South America. This is one place in Israel where you can find lower-cholesterol veal.
Menu items range from an inexpensive half-chicken dinner to the house specialty, a 750-gram (about 1 1/2-lb.) mixed grill, a giant repast for two (or even more) diners. Meals are served with bread and margarine, baked potato, vegetables, salad, dessert, and a special chimichurra meat sauce that's so scrumptious you'll be sopping it up with the bread. There are also one or two nonmeat choices on the menu.

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120 Yefe Nof St
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