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East Fremantle Yacht Club in East Fremantle, Perth, is well known for its superb facilites, varied memberships and club activities which include dragon boating, power boating, training, keelboat Sailing, and, of course, the ever popular social events. There are usually a host of fun activities held after racing events and include the popular free wine tasting and soothing jazz sessions. East Fremantle Yacht Club has a range of Sailing training courses available suitable for all levels of competence and knowledge, and is constantly developing interesting events and activities for the benefit of club members. We also provide Junior Sail Training programmes during the summer months. Then there is the most popular event, twilight Sailing, with Sailing beginning at 6pm, and the traditional Weber buffet which is served from 6pm.

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Base of Petra Street, East Fremantle, WA
East Fremantle
Western Australia
08 9339 8111
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