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Duino Park Hotel in Trieste, Trieste, Italy | Hotel

Duino is a small carsic town overlooking it's splendid bay, the rocky beaches and the harbour, a mooring area for small crafts.

You find the Duino Park Hotel in Trieste (Italy) near the ancient castle dominating the cliffs and the famous promenade named after Rilke.

All rooms at Duino Park Hotel have the most comfortable arrangements: private bath, refrigerated bar, TV, telephone and large balconies overlooking the sea. Air conditioning, swimming pool, sauna.

Contienental and american breakfast served. The Duino Park Hotel in Trieste is only
1 km from the Duino-motorway A4 exit distant and 20 min. from Ronchi dei Legionari airport.

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Duino, 60/c
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
+39 040 208184
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