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Our Diving basis is directly on the beach. The preparation of the equipment and the entrance in the water are very close. In the Diving centre you can borrow equipment, fill your bottles and get advice from the Diving teachers. Directly beside the Diving centre there is the small port. You can hire a boat, which takes you to many more distant Diving places. In the sea around the island of Cres lives a group of 150 dolphins and sea turtles are also very frequent. The water is full of different types of fish; the area is rich in shells, crabs and soft animals. In some caves the remains of 7,000 year-old human settlements can be found, also the remains of cave bears. In some live beetles, kinds, some of which are only found here. One of them, which there is not anywhere else, is the Otiorrhynchus crepscensis. From it the island (Cres = Crepsa) received to its name. On Cres live approximately 120 griffon vultures, one of the most threatened species of bird in Europe. Their breeding areas are a bird reservation.Their nests in the cliffs to the sea are characteristic of this colony, elsewhere they live in mountains or in river valleys.

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