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Welcome to Dinis Kosher Restaurant, Beijing, China. Dinis Kosher Restaurant is the first and only Kosher Restaurant in Beijing under the certification of Rabbi Shimon Freundlich of Chabad Beijing. The only independently owned Kosher Restaurant in China, Dinis menu offers a complete selection of Jewish food, Chinese food, Western food, and a spectacular sushi bar.

For the first time, those who keep Kosher can enjoy traditional Chinese food. The Restaurant serves a Chinese banquet consisting of cold appetizers, chicken, beef, fish, fried rice and a selection of the freshest vegetables.

The Western menu at Dinis Kosher Restaurant includes soups, salads, steaks and the dishes that your grandmother used to make. The breads, desserts and parve ice cream are all homemade.

Dinis Kosher Restaurant welcome tour bookings and tour providers may contact the Restaurant to arrange a complete package for guests.

Whether you are planning for a corporate party, engagement Party, Anniversary or Birthday party, Dinis Kosher Restaurant can cater for you. Please contact us as we can plan a menu to suit your needs.

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Nuren Jie, Xingba Lu, Jiuba Jie, Beijing, China
+86 (0) 10 6461 6220
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