De Kleyne Wereld

De Kleyne Wereld in Vlissingen, Walcheren, Netherlands | Bed and Breakfast

Situated in the heart of Vlissingen, Netherlands, De Kleyne Wereld Bed and Breakfast is owned by Sam and Ellen and their son Casper. You will be welcomed by the family Samual, whose passion is tourism and hospitality, into the warm and cosy atmosphere of the old landmark building that is their pride and joy.

The Bed and Breakfast located as it is, in the center of town, means that all of Vlissingen is literally on your doorstep. The beach, cinemas, theatres, museums and the marina are all within walking distance, one of the reasons that De Kleyne Wereld ( The Small World ) was given its name.

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Familie Samual, De Kleyne Wereld, Nieuwstraat 24
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