De Halve Maan

De Halve Maan in Zeebrugge, West Flanders, Belgium | Brewery

The homeBrewery « De Halve Maan » is the only family Brewery that is still active in the centre of Bruges. De Halve Maan is situated in the heart of our historical town, and offers hospitality and dining facitlities�
The museum presents the unique opportunity to discover the old tradional brewing methods in Bruges. Daily guided tours will allow you to visit both the modern Brewery as the museum. Our experienced guides will teach you everything about malt and hops.
During the visit you will also enjoy an amazing panoramic view over Bruges.
In this " Haardzaal " with a view on the canal, it's a real pleasure to have lunch or to dine. We can seat up to 70 people in this dining room.

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