Da Gelsomina

Da Gelsomina in Capri, Naples, Italy | Guest House | Italian Restaurant | Italian Cuisine

Da Gelsomina in AnaCapri, on the Isle of Capri, offers a Guest House, restaurant and swimming pool, just steps from the famous cliff edge of the Belvedere della Migliera, it's paradise found for those seeking relaxation in a natural environment. Da Gelsomina offers excellent Italian Cuisine with island specialties and a reputation for being one of the finest eateries on the island, and meals are paired with excellent wines. Accommodations at Da Gelsomina includes elegantly furnished rooms, delicate pastels and brilliant white walls, most with own private terrace for breathtaking views of the Mediterrranean, and breakfast if desired, come enjoy.

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Via Migliara, 72 - 80071 Anacapri Italy
+39 081 837 1499
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Guest House
Italian Restaurant
Italian Cuisine
Swimming Pool
Natural Environment
Fine Wines
Breathtaking Views