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Welcome to Culture Shop Gallery, Peregian Beach, Australia . We are situated in the Peregian Beach Village Square, 1.5 hours drive north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast, just down the road from Noosa.  A unique Shopping experience where the natural beauty and proximity of the coastline, contrasts with the array of designer wares and fine food on offer from an ecclectic mix of specialty retailers.

Culture Shop Gallery combines classic and contemporary cool. Our space changes regularly, oscilaiting between its retail and gallery split personas.  High Brow and Low Brow Art and desirables vie for your attention. The discerning and the easily amused are catered for equally. Emerging and established Australian designers and artists are on display for your enjoyment and appreciation.

We are pleased to provide you with a selection of, Hand Made Contemporary Jewellery, Scultpure, Arthouse Books, Magazines, Cards, Photography, Art-T-shirts and Serious Coffee to go.  WARNING! Culture Shop Gallery is a frangipani free zone.  WARNING! Culture Shop Gallery may contain adult concepts  Culture House Catalogue Vol 1.  We are very fortunate to live in a place where a large concentration of artists, also choose to dwell. This is despite the lack of diversity in the spaces where art is displayed, and the fracturing of the arts community, dissatisfied by the experience of putting their art out to market. There’s something unromantic about seeing the fruits of your labour carted off under one arm, and a bag of spuds under the other early on a Saturday morning.

The diversity of arts practice on the coast is astounding, encompassing traditional and new media alike. Young stencil artists, multi media theatre directors, installation artists, sculptors, photographers, painters and jewellers abound. Not all their work however is suited to display in the great out doors, and increasingly they find themselves unable to compete against cheaper imports that are slowly strangling the character out of the markets. Established artists will often send their work directly interstate or overseas for sale and appreciation by a supposedly more sophisticated audience, by-passing their own back yard all together. Sad no?...  Culture Shop Gallery is working towards a new initiative to address this issue. The Culture House Catalogue VOL 1 is an advocacy project designed to create public awareness and facilitate relationships between artists and art lovers, a bit like a directory or snapshot of local artists and what they do.  Culture is calling for expressions of interest from professional practicing artists, who would like to be considered for VOL 1.

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