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CryptoRaum Escape Room in Rostock, Warnemuende, Germany | Outdoor Activities | Team building | escape rooms

The CryptoRaum Escape Room in Rostock, Germany, offers fun, exciting and challenging escape room experiences as you and friends gather clues, try to solve puzzles, find solutions that will result in your ultimate escape from this locked room, within 60 minutes. Escape room games are ideal for group activities and especially fun for Team building events as teams pit their resources and brain power to solve difficult crimanal cases or even to save the world from disaster. Before the start of any game, the staff at CryptoRaum Escape Room will give players a short introduction before the fun and games begin and must be completed within the allotted 60 minutes.

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21 Doberaner Street
0176 73 70 72 24
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