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Cruise Norway is a marketing company established in 1992 by Norwegian port authorities, transport companies and suppliers. Cruise Norway, Bergen, concentrate their activities on the international Cruise market, and coordinate and present information about Norwegian harbours and services provided by other cooperating companies. Cruise Norway wishes to provide knowledge about Norway and SpitsBergen to cruise operators and travel agents. The intention is to contribute to a simpler planning process. The aim of Cruise Norway is to maintain and increase the number of Cruise passengers and Cruise calls to Norway in the years to come. Cruise Norway provides you with material about unique attractions in Norway which will increase the competitiveness of your Cruise programme and promote sales possibilites. Cruise Norway stimulates its cooperating companies to active product development.  Norway is unique in every season and for an extended Cruise season, Cruise Norway, Bergen and their partners in Norway offer a number of exciting and exotic experiences.

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AS, Slottsgt 3, N-5812 Bergen, Norway
+ 47 55 31 80 21
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