Cradle Mountain Hut Walk

Cradle Mountain Hut Walk in Bay of Fires, Hobart, Australia | Hiking

At the edge of Mt. William National Park, the magnificent wilderness coastline known as the Bay of Fires invites you to experience its dramatic landscape, ecology and wildlife. Led by well-informed, young Tasmanian guides, small groups can explore both the fascinating beach environment and the rich diversity of the nearby woodlands. And at the Bay of Fires Lodge, the only building in this near-unknown wilderness paradise, both solitude and comfort are guaranteed.
Bordering the fine white granite beaches from Boulder Point to the Abbotsbury Peninsula, Mt William National Park's diverse vegetation is a haven for wildlife. This area is home to the largest population of eastern grey kangaroos in the state, as well as echidnas, brush-tail possums, wombats, Bennetts wallabies and Tasmanian devils. Birdlife too is abundant, with over 100 species occurring in the park, including many varieties of sea and shore birds. Many sites of significance to the Aboriginal community can be found in the park, which has recently been recommended to be returned to Aboriginal ownership. Here, huge middens of discarded shells are a reminder of the days when tribes would migrate to the coast in winter to forage for shellfish, mutton birds and seals. Up to 10,000 years ago, these Aboriginal tribes would cross the land bridge that once connected Tasmania to the mainland. Now, looking north to Bass Strait, the remnants of this land bridge - the Islands of the Furneaux Group - can be clearly seen from the coastline of this magnificent National Park.

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