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The Computer Clinic Center (CCC-ITS) is a minority owned small business founded in Washington D.C., United States in 1984. Their corporate primary mission is to protect the technological investments of their customers while facilitating transitions to technologies of the future.
CCC-ITS, with new visions of the future and IT knowledge for the next century, is a certified VAR (value added reseller) and microcomputer system integrator. Our firm provides full support ranging from maintenance through LAN/WAN telecommunication. Additional specialized services include data recovery., e-mail systems, remote office communication, document imaging, and internet capabilities.
As a small minority owned business, Computer Clinic Center (CCC) continues to develop and expand our capabilities in information technology (IT) support. CCC has developed an Information Technology System (ITS) Division to expand our microcomputer systems coverage. This division supports a full range of products and services from consultation through maintenance and training to include telecommunications. To reflect this increased capacity, our firm is now known by the initials of CCC-ITS. CCC-ITS offers the "one stop solution" to procurement of your IT (Information Technology) requirement.
The Computer Clinic Center look forward to hearing from you so they can be of assistance in all your IT requirements. Give CCC-ITS in Washington D.C., United States a call today!

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4433 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington DC
Washington D.C.
United States
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