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Colchester Ghost Tours brings you the other side of Colchester, Essex with your host and guide Derek Wray, a master storyteller who tells of the blood, gore, mayhem and ghosts, and the past that other Tours don't reach. Come journey with him through the dark ways of ancient Colchester on the first Thursday of every month, starting at the town hall in High Street, and go in search of the life, love, death and abominable hauntings in their own words. Colchester Ghost Tours last over two hours through Britain's oldest recorded town, and home to Britain's oldest pubs and ghosts, usually ending in a haunted public house for relaxing drinks. There are three Tours to choose from, the Town Centre Tour, the Dutch Quarter Tour and the Legend of the Chattering Corpse Tour, come hear the stories, learn the secrets, the history, legends and ghosts of Colchester.

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