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Club Mistral in Safaga, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt | Windsurfing

Welcome to Club Mistral.  The temples of Luxor and the pyramids of Giza are highlights for travellers interested in Egyptian culture, and Safaga is regarded as a windsurfers' and kitesurfers' dream spot. Located about 50 kilometres south of Hurghada, this site offers not only numerous diving bases but arguably one of Egypt's best Windsurfing and kitesurfing spots. Spacious sandy beaches extend around the deep-sea port of Safaga, and one of our largest and best equipped Club Mistral Centres is located right on one of the most beautiful and widest of them. The wind blows side-offshore from the left in the morning and then turns to sideshore in the afternoon. From slalom to freeride to swell – variety is the name of the game here. There is no doubt about the fact that Safaga is probably the best spot for beginners: a wind-protected shallow area permits instruction even on windy days. Club Mistral makes sure that the Kitesurfers, too, have their own section, with touch-the-bottom water and plenty of space. About 3.5 km away, Tobias Island awaits your visit – a small sandy cay surrounded by turquoise water. Joining one of our famous Windsurfing outings to this destination alone makes a vacation in Safaga worthwhile. Those of you who are kitesurfers can also join an excursion four times a week. Our boat takes you to nearby Soma Bay, guaranteeing a marvellous Windsurfing experience!!

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Red Sea Governorate
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