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Chez Awa in Aytre, Charente-Maritime, France | Restaurant | African cuisine | Beach Restaurant

Chez Awa in Aytre, France is the blue hut located right on Aytre beach open for lunch, dinner and drinks it's the perfect place to visit for a great meal, a little sun, swimming and relaxation. The menu might be small but it is full of heady, tantalising flavours, and they offer Creole cuisine, Senegalese dishes, grilled catch of the day, fried burgers, salads, seafood and mouthwatering daily specials, they havve a few dessert choices, beverages, coffee and tea. Chez Awa presents meals beautifully prepared by Awa, they also do delicious yams, samosas, yassa chicken and other African dishes, dine with them on the beach or enjoy take out, come for a unique dining experience and explosion of new and unique tastes.

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45 avenue Edmond Grasset
Bay of Biscay
+33 6 22 35 27 62
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African cuisine
Beach Restaurant
Outdoor Dining
Grilled Fish
Senagalese Dishes
Creole Cuisine
Daily Specials