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Winchester Cathedral, synonymous with the historic city of Winchester, England in the United Kingdom, provides a unique location for the Cathedral Cafe and our Restaurant, just 25 metres from the Cathedral?s famous West Front.
Cathedral Cafe is located in a tranquil setting which is ideal for celebration meals and business functions and together with our commitment to fine food and efficient service should make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience, whatever the occasion.
At Cathedral Cafe flavour comes first, promising you an unparalleled dining experience. Our menu showcases the freshest ingredients and our staff is eager to provide you with exceptional and friendly service.
All food, its selection, preparation and presentation are in the experienced hands of our team of chefs at Cathedral Cafe in Winchester, England. There is great emphasis on originality and the use of seasonal fresh produce and we are extremely flexible in creating a menu to suit your taste, event and budget. There is also a wide selection of wines available.

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1, The Close
United Kingdom
01962 857200
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A la Carte Restaurants
Unique Location
Tranquil Setting
Ideal For Celebrations
Business Functions
Fine Foods
Efficient Service
Thoroughly Enjoyable Experience
Seasonal Fresh Produce
Extremely Flexible Creations
Selection Of Wines