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Cascais Marina in Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal has a reputation for staging major International Events and is the ideal setting for welcoming and catering for the leisure and comfort of everyone who visits.
In the past Cascais Marina has hosted major races like ISAF Sailing World Championship, the European 49ers Championship, the QuebraMar Regatta, Cowes-Cascais, Portugal Sailing Tour-de-France, Portugal Match Cup, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I?s Trophy including many other competitions which have helped to promote the name of Cascais Marina nationally and internationally.
The major competitions have brought together not only ocean sailors at the Cascais Marina in Cascais, Lisboa, but also many crowned heads of old Europe who are also lovers of the sea and good winds as is the case of King Juan Carlos of Spain, Constantine of Greece and Harold of Norway.
Skippers like Russell Cutts from New Zealand, the Australian Peter Gilmour, Jesper Radich of Denmark, Geoffrey Meek of South Africa, Bertrand PacÚ of France, Peter Holmberg of the Team Alinghi, Ed Baird an American from Team Musto, Staffan Linderg from Finland, Christopher Law from Great Britain as well as the well-known Chris Dickson are just some of the ocean sailors who have already raced regatta in the waters of Cascais, Lisboa.
The area surrounding Cascais Marina is endowed with the ideal characteristics for practising sea sports, particularly sailing, and experienced sailors even regard it as one of the best stretches of water in the world.
Inaugurated in 1999 Cascais Marina has also been charged with preserving for posterity the History of Portugal and of the Great Portuguese, the Age of the Discoveries and of the Expansion.
It was in the Bay of Cascais that Nicolau Coelho, the first captain of Vasco da Gama?s navy to arrive in India, landed to give news of this discovery to the King of Portugal.
Many other episodes from the history of Portugal which were born of the Sea and made the Sea its way of life for centuries took place in this same Bay of Cascais.
Now endowed with an events platform with an area of over 2000m2 to host a wide range of actions, the creation of a new Tourist/Maritime Berth, a renewed Quay for Megayachts as well as the extension to the Breakwater have enhanced this facility which won over its space from the ocean waves. Also worthy of special mention is the safety afforded to all users with the construction of the sophisticated Helipoint.

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