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Carlos Cucina in Kempten, Allgau, Germany | Italian Restaurant | Mediterranean Cuisine

Carlos Cucina in Kempten, Bavaria starts your day with excellent and typical Italian coffee, freshly baked croissants and great breakfast choices including a daily buffet, from noon guests enjoy fresh pasta, salads and more and later antipasti, tapas, bruschetta, pinchos and so much more, come for a wonderful and memorable Italian dining experience. Carlos Cucina serves a wonderful Mediterranean Cuisine of healthy cooking and fresh ingredients combined with quality olive oil and delicious balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs and garlic for an exquisite culinary journey. They are available for catering and parties, and the whole restaurant is available for your event if required complete with sunny terrace and bar, come enjoy a wonderful menu with something for everyone.

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August-Fischer-Platz 1, Kotterner Strasse 1,
+49 831 51210945
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Italian Restaurant
Mediterranean Cuisine
Italian Coffee
Daily Buffet
Olive Oil