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Caramanico Terme Spa (Italy), where nature and health live tuned together, is a little and nice medieval town in the hearth of the National Park of Majella (Abruzzo) at 650 metres of altitude. From 1576, the precious sulphur and mineral springs allow Caramanico Terme Spa to be one of the most exclusive place of well-being and health, assuring an important activity of prevention, cure and rehabilitation. Mild climate, thanks to the nearness to the sea, the excellent oxygenated and the particular geographic position make this place a desirable destination for a naturalistic holiday. The experience, the practice and the innovation of the Terme di Caramanico allowed to develop cure plans to prevent, cure and rehabilitate main system problems of the human organism.
For every pathology is previewed a program of specific cures to find the psycho-physical well-being.

Cures and treatments at Caramanico Terme

Useful structures , specialized staff and innovative systems are the main characteristics of the Terme di Caramanico as guarantee to the absolute effectiveness of its own sorgive waters. The correct way to use mineral waters of sources is smooth, directly to the Terme, to contribute effectively to the state of health, having a part in the prevention phase of the several pathologies (rhinosinusitis, pharyngolaryngitises, otitis, bronchitises, arthrosis, and so on), in the cure of them, during the chronic phase, and in the rehabilitation of the respiratory, locomotive, vascular, auditory and vocal apparatuses.

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