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Welcome to Cake in Canberra, located in Canberra, New South Wales in Australia, to the mouth watering world of Cake where we are unashamedly romantic with a passion for creating and eating fabulous cake. At Cake in Canberra we will work with you to craft the perfect cake for your special occasion.
Cakes are baked fresh, full of the finest ingredients such as couverture chocolate, fresh berries and free range eggs.
The fun begins at Cake in Canberra, Canberra, New South Wales, when we ice your cake in a rich ganache or modern creamy icing and decorate with fresh flowers, chocolate or sugar art themed to your special day.
With a background in fine arts and an infatuation with slow food, Kacy and Judy come together to form Cake in Canberra. The tradition of creating Cakes for special occasions has a great history that intrigues us.
Judy has many years experience in cake decorating and has achieved high praise and recognition for her magnificent Cakes. Judy?s quest for the ultimate recipe and desire to satiate the taste buds has proven to be an amazing combination.
Whilst completing her visual arts degree in painting at the Canberra School of Arts, Kacy worked as Functions Manager at the Canberra Convention Centre and then went on to run her own catering business.
Kacy is also an accomplished mosaic artist with many artworks around Canberra.
Art and food have culminated in Cake in Canberra.

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