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Cairns Dive Centre Daytrips start from Cairns aboard the vessel the M V Reef-Kist on a magical journey to the Outer Great Barrier Reef. Come snorkel or dive and view the amazing and breathtaking coral gardens simply alive with underwater marine life, it's an experience to be cherished forever. The M V Reef-Kist catamaran can cater to 40 day trip passengers for added comfort, and Cairns Dive Centre Daytrips offer different options to choose from including snorkeling, certified diver, and referral day trips for students who have already completed the classroom and pool training sessions as well as their open water training dives. The coral reef offer magical wonders of hard and soft corals, great drop offs, and exciting walls and swim - throughs.

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121 Abbott St Cairns, QLD Australia
(07) 4051 0294
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