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Impeccable service, good food and beverage is the order of the day, any day - at the Café Palmelia; where our reasonably priced coffee-house offers a variety of East meets West cuisines and equally delectable local delicacies. With the idyllic view of Sibu and its traffic as the backdrop, Café Palmelia provides a cozy and relaxed ambience, perfect for just a refreshing glass of ice lemon tea or sipping Swiss blends coffee over business discussions. Don't forget to check out our buffet selections. They're everything you want and more?
We offer access to WiFi networks in Cafe Palmelia at no charge.
If you have a sweet tooth, stop by our mouth-watering Palmelia Cake Counter for an irresistible selection of cakes and pastries with matching flair and colors. Cakes can also be made-to-order for your customization. It is available daily from 10:30a.m. to 12:30a.m.

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