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Cafe Dornbusch in Steinhude, Hanover, Germany | Cafe

Welcome to the traditional Steinhude Cafe Dornbusch on sea. Since 1906, this family-owned Cafe and pastry shop has been in the centre of Steinhude.

Cafe Dornbusch,offers a coffee terrace and a large winter garden overlooking the sea for about 100 people, bus companies are welcome.

You look at the Steinhuder sea and the pedestrian zone.

Small Breakfasts consist of 1 bread, butter, cheese or sausage, curd, jam, 1 cup of coffee.

Maxi Breakfast consist of 2 rolls, butter, cheese, sausage, curd, jam, honey, 1 boiled egg, 1 pot of coffee.

Gourmet breakfast for is 2 persons consisting of Buns, bread, croissants, butter, cheese, sausage, ham, salmon, curd, jam, 2 boiled eggs, coffee as much as you like. 2 glasses of orange juice, 2 glasses of Prosecco

Try the Steinhuder marine mud with your coffee -- The delicious chocolates from own production at Cafe Dornbusch.

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Graf-Wilhelm-Str. 4
Lower Saxony
0 50 33 16 75
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