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Norbert and Michéle Juhasz have been in Port Angeles, Washington,  for over 16 years and, during that time, they have operated their French restaurant off Highway 101 in Port Angeles, Washington. On the top of Morse Creek hill, across from Deer Park Cinemas. C'est Si Bon restaurant is where Norbert and Michéle spend their days adapting to the American way of life.

Recently, the Los Angeles Times announced C'est Si Bon as one of the country's best restaurants. The world class eatery is listed in books and magazines which feature some of the finest dining in the Pacific Northwest. The heart and soul of the kitchen in C'est Si Bon is Michéle, who is so familiar with food, textures and measurements, she cooks by sight as well as taste. Michéle has been making gastronomical delights nearly half her life, starting out as a chef for Hollywood stars.

Michéle knows the kitchen, and her husband Norbert is master of the rest of the domain. He chats with the customers, getting a feeling for what they like to eat and drink. He personifies the fabled Frenchman who loves people, food and music and wants to be in the center of it all. Norbert was a professional violinist for many years, working in Hollywood as a studio musician. He and his wife also ran a catering business to many of the elite in Hollywood. But living in Los Angeles was not for the modest couple, whose idea of joie de vivre was a quieter, picturesque and friendly atmosphere. When friends told them about the Olympic Peninsula and Port Angeles, they were eager to visit.

Over the years, Michéle has perfected her ideas and concepts of French food. Most food cooked in France uses only fresh ingredients or whatever is in season. The French discourage using frozen or canned food if possible, although in the restaurant business, this can prove difficult.

"French food is usually cooked very simply and never overcooked," Michéle said. "You want food and spices to tease the palate. You want a bouquet in your mouth. The vegetables should be firm and crunchy. The meat should have all fat trimmed off. Sometimes we have a sauce to enhance a dish -- not to cover it like gravy, but to bring out the full flavor."

Walking into C'est Si Bon is like stumbling into a European castle with trimmed gardens bursting with pastel flowers everywhere. "I like the feel of castles with the glitter, crystals and flowers," Norbert said. "I always try to enhance it - to make it more beautiful. To me it is like a little French oasis in the middle of the Olympic Peninsula.

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