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Welcome to Byblos Deli in Washington D.C., United States. Byblos Deli has been a local favourite in Washington DC's Cleveland Park district for over 10 years. Located next to the famous Uptown Theater, Byblos offers a diverse menu of Mediterranean dishes at affordable prices.
You'll find chef Marc Adas behind the counter at all hours of the day, making the home made dishes he grew up with in Lebanon. For a real treat, try one of Marc's daily specials -- a hearty dish like stuffed peppers or Lebanese meatballs served with rice, a small Greek salad and pita. Next time you're at the Uptown or the Zoo, or anytime you feel like great Mediterranean food, stop by Byblos Deli.
For the faint-of-heart, Byblos Deli also offers ham sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and salads, and a tasty but undistinguished piece of baklava is enough to round off any meal.
We look forward to welcoming you at Byblos Deli, Washington D.C., United States.

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3414 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington DC 20008
Washington D.C.
United States
(202) 364-6549
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Diverse Menu
Local Favourite
Stuffed Peppers
Lebonese Meatballs
Outdoor Tables

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