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Welcome to Burrs Restaurant on the Isle of Wight, English Channel, United Kingdom. Burrs Restaurant was established in 1997 and management welcome you with open arms, friendly atmosphere, and great food.
Look forward to your evening at Burrs Restaurant with the award winning cuisines and fine wines. We have a selection of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, sourced locally where available, to support local farmers, fishermen and to reduce our carbon footprint.
Burrs Restaurant, Isle of Wight, English Channel has a beautiful quarry tiled floor and uses luxurious white linen table cloths and napkins, fresh homemade rolls baked daily and detailed professional but friendly service to enhance your experience.
All the food is prepared on the premises by chef proprietor Matt Burr who has so far put many years of passionate hard work into creating a Restaurant that you will want to revisit time and time again.

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Lugley Street Newport Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Isle of Wight
English Channel
United Kingdom
(01983) 825470
Visit Site
Friendly Atmosphere
Vegetarian Dishes
Sourced Locally
White Linen Tablecloths
Fresh Homemade Rolls
All Food Prepared On Premises

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