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Welcome to the Burleigh Shotokan karate Club in Newport, Wales, United Kingdom. The Burleigh Shotokan karate Club is a centre for excellence and emphasizes the teaching of traditional Shotokan karate. In addition we embrace ideas from other Martial Arts such as Kyusho-Jutsu (pressure point strikes) to ensure that focus is placed on realistic self-defence. To this end the club is affiliated to the Welsh Traditional karate Federation (WTKF) which has as its Chief Instructor, Sensei Masao Kawasoe. We also attend and hold courses with other experienced martial artists such as Professor Rick Clark and Harry Cook.
The Burleigh Shotokan karate Club, Newport, Wales, United Kingdom, is affiliated to the Welsh karate Governing Body and consequently adheres to all their codes of practice, guaranteeing that instructors have relevant coaching and first aid certification as well as personal indemnity insurance. The club actively promotes child safety and has all the necessary procedures in place for the protection of children.

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Burleigh Academy, Llanthewy Rd, Newport, Wales, UK
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07906 129844
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