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At Buddha's Veggie Restaurant in Calgary, Western Canada, Canada, we guarantee your visit to our restaurant will be a friendly one. As the first completely Chinese cuisine, Vegetarian Restaurant in Calgary, Western Canada, Buddha's Veggie Restaurant offers our customers the freshest ingredients, combined with skilful Chinese cookery, along side our excellent services.
From our famous Veggie Ginger Beef, to our Pan-fried Dumplings and Veggie Dry Ribs, Buddha's Veggie Restaurant's menu contains a wide variety of vegetarian dishes with no meat at all. What's more is we DO NOT use MSG in any of our products. So come on in and check us out, even if you're not a vegetarian, it'll be a healthy choice.
Finding the perfect location for the new restaurant was hard in this fast-growing city of Calgary, Western Canada. However, with a bit of luck, we were able to work out a contract within the Southland Crossing Shopping Centre. From our previous eatery of 40, we expanded to a heart-warming dining room of 100. On top of the interior enhancement, new to the restaurant was the available free parking, gaining more convenience for our customers. With all these improvements, what more can a new restaurant seek to upgrade? A revised menu, that's what.
With the grand opening of this location, we introduced a new menu, with over 50 items, including Veggie Ginger Beef, and full-color pictures of many dishes. Special menus were made up for different occasions, while other events, celebrations, and gatherings also took place in the restaurant. Gaining the trust of the Vegetarian Society of Calgary and our loyal customers, we've received many awards for our outstanding services and fine dining.

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