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The Bognor Regis Museum in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England brings you the complete history of the town with models and information, and is a must see Attraction when visiting. Incorporating the Ron Simpson Wireless Collection, and run by the Bognor Regis Local History Society, here you will find anything from rocks and fossils that are millions of years old, as well as history from before the town was even founded, right through to present day. The Bognor Regis Museum also displays and exhibit vintage cameras, an Edwardian kitchen, a scale model of the Esplanade theatre, the story of Bathing Machine Proprietor Mary Wheatland and so much more, they also have a research room with computers for access to thousands of photographs and documents as well as temporary exhibitions, come for a fascinating journey into the past.

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Bognor Regis
West Sussex
United Kingdom
01243 865636
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